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Man on E-Scooter Charged For DWI

A New Jersey man was allegedly driving an e-scooter and he is facing charges for allegations that he was navigating the electric vehicle while intoxicated.

In May, the city of Hoboken employed a 6-month program in order to see how beneficial it would be if electric scooters were readily available for people to rent as a mode of transportation. Their goal is to reduce traffic and give people an accessible and more environmentally friendly way to get around the city. The e-scooters have been issued an 18 MPH speed limit, and they are only permitted to be driven on the street and in bike lanes.

On Sunday afternoon, Hoboken officers reported that they spotted a man who was allegedly walking around in an off-balance manner, and they allegedly watched him proceed to unlock and climb on an e-scooter.

A Hoboken Police Sergeant who was present during the alleged incident reported that he made an attempt to deter the man from operating the scooter, but he did not take his advice.

The man, identified as 26-year-old Nicholas Cutrone, allegedly drove away from the officer who tried to intervene.

The sergeant trailed Cutrone and reported that he became concerned when the man allegedly started traveling on the scooter in a manner that was deemed dangerous.

One block from where he initially started, Cutrone halted his alleged attempted getaway and an officer had him perform a field-sobriety test. It was reported that Cutrone was unable to pass the assessment, and he was taken into custody for the suspicion that he was intoxicated while driving the scooter.

When he got to the police headquarters, Cutrone was asked if he would allow them to use a breathalyzer to measure his blood-alcohol content, but he reportedly declined.

Cutrone was charged for DWI, reckless driving, and refusal to submit to breath samples.

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