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Groom Sexually Forced Himself on Drunk Bridesmaid

When one of the members of his bride’s wedding party became heavily intoxicated the groom allegedly sexually took advantage of her when he was asked to help escort her to safety.

On August 30, Daniel J. Carney, his fiancée, and their wedding party were celebrating with rafting and drinks on the Delaware River a couple of days before the big event.

While they were still on the water, one of the bridesmaids reportedly consumed so much alcohol that she was unable to partake in the water sports and had a hard time maintaining full consciousness.

When the group got out of the water it was requested by his fiancée that Carney assist the woman to ensure she made it to a safe place in which to recover from her inebriated state.

The pair made their way inside the Shawnee Inn, where Carney allegedly forced the impaired bridesmaid into a locker room and sexually assaulted her.

The bride-to-be reportedly came across the alleged act in progress when she went into the locker room and saw her future husband on top of her friend, which was reported to have incited an altercation between the couple in the hotel parking lot.

The wedding took place two days following the alleged assault, and the bridesmaid notified the authorities the day after the event.

While issuing a statement, the alleged victim was reported as saying that she only recalled portions of the incident because she was in and out of consciousness as a result of the alcohol she consumed. She alleged that she had woken at one point and felt Carney’s hands on her, and she believed he was also biting her flesh.

The woman reportedly stated that she had blacked out again, and when she awoke the second time her bathing suit bottoms had been taken off and Carney was allegedly mounting her.

The alleged victim also told the authorities that Carney tried to encourage her to obtain emergency contraception and allegedly texted to ask her to make sure she was “as happy as possible” during the wedding and party for the sake of the bride.

Surveillance video was reviewed from the Shawnee Inn’s system and it allegedly showed a man fitting Carney’s description leading a woman into the locker room by the arm.

The authorities additionally reported that they were on the line when Carney called the woman and allegedly offered several apologies and told her that the whole thing was his fault.

Carney was charged with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with an unconscious person, simple assault, and indecent assault without consent of other on October 3, and he is awaiting an upcoming preliminary hearing.

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