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Man Posed as Amazon Driver to Help Woman Kidnap Infant

A couple from Florida reportedly drove to the West Coast where the man posed as an Amazon driver as part of an alleged plot to forcefully kidnap a child from the woman’s cousin.

Last month, a woman in Federal Way, Washington was notified by her cousin that she planned to visit soon and would bring clothes for one of the woman’s children. She also reportedly said she bought another one of the children an item online and would be there on February 20.

The day the gift was going to be delivered, the woman heard a knock, and before she opened the door, she looked through the window and saw someone wearing what she thought was a uniform. He was holding a box with the Amazon logo on it.

According to reports, as soon as she opened the door, she was struck by the man. He reportedly forced his way into the house, and the woman’s cousin reportedly entered behind him.

The woman was reportedly zip-tied, and the couple allegedly threatened to stab her toddler if she didn’t allow them to leave with her infant. The couple reportedly collected the baby and walked out, carrying the infant inside a box.

The authorities were notified, and they viewed surveillance footage showing two people in a sedan who were believed to be the suspects. The grandfather of the reportedly kidnapped child said he recognized the woman as his niece, and he provided the police with her name.

The license plate number was captured on video, and the authorities used it to help locate the vehicle. They also employed a tracking system. A trooper from the Washington State Patrol saw a car matching the description of the one they were looking for, and the suspects were apprehended.

The couple was jailed in lieu of $750,000 bonds, and they are each facing preliminary charges of kidnapping, robbery, burglary, and assault. It was reported that the infant was safely returned to the parents.

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