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Man Raped and Impregnated Girlfriend’s 10-Year-Old Daughter

A Kansas man was arrested for sexual offenses after it was asserted that he allegedly raped his girlfriend’s 10-year-old daughter, who is pregnant as a result of the assaults.

At the end of February, a midwife was called to a home in Overland Park for her services to help the mother-to-be work out a birth plan for the delivery of her child.

When the midwife arrived at the residence and began working with the girl she reportedly found that a 10-year-old child was the pregnant party, and it was posited that she had not seen an obstetrician for the full duration of the 26-week pregnancy.

After the midwife left the home she called the authorities and reported what she encountered during her visit.

During the investigation into the claims, the authorities reported that they spoke with the pregnant child and she reportedly said it was possible she might have been raped but she did not recall if it had happened.

When they talked to her a couple of days later she reportedly recanted her inability to remember and said she feared her abuser would go to jail if she told them what happened.

The young girl, who was found to have been homeschooled for the past 2-years, also reportedly told the police that since she was 7-years-old she and her mother switched off having sex with the man, identified as 51-year-old Ronald DeJohnette Jr. She added that approximately a year later DeJohnette expressed a desire for her to mother his children.

DeJohnette, who is reportedly dating the alleged victim’s mother, was reported as telling the authorities he held the belief that the unborn child was fathered by a 10-year-old boy with whom the girl used to attend school.

The authorities additionally reported that they found out the girl was restricted from leaving the house before she showed physical signs of being pregnant.

DeJohnette was taken into custody and booked, and he is facing charges for rape, aggravated criminal sodomy, and aggravated indecent liberties for the accusations against him.

Whether or not the alleged victim’s mother will face any legal penalties for her alleged involvement in the situation has not yet been decided.

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