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Man Said 9-Year-Old Niece Forced Him to Have Sex

A man reportedly sexually assaulted his 9-year-old niece, but he alleges that she forced him and that he is the victim.

On August 8, a 9-year-old girl was at school, and she let her special education teacher know that she had pain in her privates. A teacher’s assistant walked the girl to the nurse’s office. The nurse thought the child might have a urinary tract infection, and they called her mother.

In the meantime, the teacher’s assistant brought the girl back to the classroom. While they walked to the room, the TA questioned the girl about whether she had been touched inappropriately by anyone. The child reportedly said her uncle used his bare hand to show her how to wipe herself after she went to the bathroom. She also allegedly accused her uncle of putting his privates inside of her.

Indiana Child Protective Services was notified, and they had a case worker talk to the child about her claims. The girl told the case worker about how her uncle had been touching her and alleged that he had pictures and videos of the instances.

On August 10, the police went to the man’s home and talked to him about the allegations. They said he claimed that he was the victim in the situation. He reportedly informed them that the child forced him to have sex and that she took videos and pictures with his cell phone.

The man was taken into custody and booked into the Wayne County Jail. He is currently facing two felony counts of child molestation and two felony counts of vicarious sexual gratification. If he is found guilty of the allegations, he could be sentenced to 20 – 40 years per count. He is currently incarcerated in lieu of a $50,000 bond.

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