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Man Says He Stole Dogs For Therapy Reasons

A man who allegedly stole two dogs from their owner’s property reportedly said that he took the animals because they provided him with therapeutic benefits.

A 73-year-old dog owner and resident of Pasco County recently found that his two dogs were taken from their pen at his residence.

When the authorities looked into the alleged dog theft their investigation led them to suspect that 28-year-old Joseph Capparelli who lives in the same area as the man with the missing canines was responsible for the act.

It was reportedly discovered that Capparelli had talked with someone he knew after the incident, and allegedly cited that his reasoning behind the act was related to the fact that he had not been around dogs in months. He believed it would provide him therapy to take the animals, one of which resembled a dog he used to have as a pet.

Pasco County Sheriff’s deputies dispatched to Capparelli’s residence and they reported that they found the missing pups with him.

Capparelli was placed under arrest and the affidavit reflects that he waived his Miranda rights and gave a statement saying that he saw the dogs in the pen and opened the gate, but that they follow him off of the property by choice.

Capparelli is facing charges for grand theft less than $5,000 based on the allegations.

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