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Man Shoots Rocks from Lawnmower Injuring Mother and Young Daughter

On Saturday afternoon a man allegedly used a riding lawnmower to shoot gravel rocks at his roommate’s family, leaving the woman and her 9-year-old injured and damaging a vehicle.

72-year-old Johnny Dewitt Manning of Galveston County, Texas, shares a residence with a divorced woman who is the mother of a 9-year-old daughter.

The woman and her daughter were dropped off at their home by her ex-husband on June 9 just before 3:00 pm.

Manning, who allegedly has never been friendly with his roommate’s ex, was at the shared residence when the man pulled up in his SUV. The woman and her daughter exited the vehicle as Manning was reportedly heading toward the end of the driveway on a riding lawnmower.

According to the official reports, the owner of the SUV recorded footage of the yard in order to depict the state it was in which allegedly displayed a well-tended lawn, giving Manning no reason to use the lawnmower.

While navigating the contraption Manning was said to have turned the machine in the opposite direction in an intentional attempt to make contact with the rocky gravel that covered the driveway of the home. This caused the small stones to fly in the direction of the vehicle, the woman, and the child. Manning’s roommate was struck in the face by the pebbles, and her daughter, who said the rocks hurt her when they hit, was left with a blemish on her nose.

In addition, the SUV took damage in an estimated amount of over $2500 when the gravel made an impact with the windows, paint job, tires, wheels, and body.

Manning was arrested and booked into the Santa Fe Police Department Jail where he is facing charges of causing injury to a child, felony criminal mischief, and misdemeanor assault. He was issued a $46,500 bond and released over the weekend.

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