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“Affluenza” Teen’s Mom Back in Custody for Positive Drug Test

The mother of the teenager who became notorious when he was excused from jail time on DUI charges based on the defense that he suffers from affluenza has been incarcerated on allegations that she violated the conditions of her bond release when she allegedly yielded a positive result on a court-ordered drug test.

Ethan Couch, a teenager who had been drinking and driving in 2013 resulting in four fatalities, was pardoned from serving a 20-year prison sentence and instead sentenced to rehab and 10-years’ probation for the charges, when his attorney explained that Couch did not realize he was acting irresponsibly due to a wealthy upbringing resulting in his psychological disconnection from the norms of the status quo; a condition also known as “affluence.”

In December 2015, after his trial, a man who resembles Ethan Couch was seen in a short video clip posted on social media where he appeared to be consuming alcohol. This was in violation of Couch’s parole order that he not partake in drinking, driving or drug use for 10-years.

In what has been seen as an attempt to leave the country and avoid further legal matters for her son, Ethan’s mother, Tonya Couch, allegedly chose to bring him to Mexico.

While they were staying in Puerto Vallarta the Couches chose to order a Domino’s pizza for delivery which led federal authorities to their location.

The pair were apprehended and returned to the U.S. where Tonya Couch was charged in 2016 with money laundering, and hindering apprehension. She was released from a jail with conditions that included that she submit to urinalysis testing as a part of her bond.

When Couch was drug tested in March she faced legal consequences when the results were returned and showed substances in her system. She was released again on bond, and two weeks later she was administered another drug test.

Couch’s second urinalysis presented results that displayed amphetamine or methamphetamine in her system. She was taken into custody for violating the conditions of her bond, but since the positive test could be the result of a prescription medication, though Couch did not list any prescribed medications with her parole officer as required by law, it is being investigated.

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