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Man Shoved Merchandise from Antiques Stores in Anus

A retired Texas man in a kilt was arrested for allegedly visiting antique stores and sticking pieces of merchandise up his rear end before putting them back on the shelf for purchase.

On the afternoon of February 10, a man went to the Antique Gallery of Houston and a store called The Curiosity Shop located inside the Antique Mall. While he was at each establishment, the man, who was wearing a kilt, reportedly picked up items and stuck them up the back side of the Scottish skirt. According to reports, he then removed each piece of merchandise and reshelved them.

When the authorities were notified, a deputy from the Special Operations Unit talked to the person who made the complaint from Antique Gallery of Houston. They were informed that a man came into the store and took two pieces of merchandise off the shelves, a brush and a “hardware piece,” and put them up his anus. The items were returned to the shelves with what appeared to be feces on them, and they had to be thrown in the garbage.

The second shopkeeper was interviewed, and they reported that a man entered The Curiosity Shop and placed a bottle opener and a cigarette tin in his rectum. As with the incident reported from the Antique Gallery, the suspect put the pieces back on the shelves, and they had to be tossed because there was excrement on them.

The authorities opened an investigation, and when they found a man that they believed was the suspect, they showed them to the people from the stores who made the reports. They both reportedly confirmed the identity of the man in the photo.

The man accused of the acts is facing charges of misdemeanor aggravated criminal mischief.

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