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Zachery Ty Bryan Accused of DUI and Contempt of Court

Actor Zachery Ty Bryan was arrested last weekend after he was accused of driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident in which he was reportedly involved.

On February 17, Zachery Ty Bryan, well known for his portrayal of “Brad” on the hit television series Home Improvement, was driving in La Quinta, California. Just before 2:30 AM, he was pulled over by an officer from the La Quinta Police Department. The officer believed the vehicle he was driving was involved in an accident earlier in the evening.

When the officer approached the driver and identified him as Bryan, he reported that the man displayed signs of intoxication.

Bryan was taken into custody and booked into the John Benoit Detention Center in Indio. He may face charges for one felony count of driving under the influence with three or more priors, and one misdemeanor count of contempt of court. He was released approximately three hours later, after posting a $50,000 bond.

According to reports, he has a court date scheduled at the Indio Larson Justice Center on April 23.

Beginning in 2020, Bryan has had several legal issues. He has previously been charged with strangulation, interfering with making a police report, domestic assault, and fraud. He released a statement saying, “At the end of the day, [the police] throw a bunch of counts at you because they ultimately want you to plead to something,”

Bryant has been open about the fact that he has suffered from trauma since childhood, and how he believes it has had a lasting and harmful effect on his adult life. His girlfriend spoke out in a show of support for his struggles, and added, “It’s a horrible situation that’s going to be spun in so many ways.”

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