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Man Smoked Joint at His Hearing for Marijuana Charges

During his court appearance for a marijuana possession charge, the defendant decided to use the arena as a platform to advocate for legalizing pot by lighting a joint during the proceedings.

20-year-old Spencer Boston is reportedly a serious proponent of the full legalization of marijuana.

On Monday, the Lebanon, Tennessee resident, who had recently been accused of marijuana possession, went to a scheduled hearing regarding the charge.

While speaking with the judge about the allegations, Boston allegedly began to explain his belief that cannabis should be legal. In addition to his reported comments about the subject, Boston allegedly grabbed what was assumed to be a joint out of his jacket and began to smoke it in the courtroom.

After taking a few puffs, those who witnessed the alleged event began laughing, and the judge informed Boston that his actions would come at a legal cost.

Boston was placed under arrest, and as he was being taken from the courtroom he was reported as declaring, “The people deserve better!”

As seen in the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office records, Boston is being accused of misdemeanor disorderly conduct, misdemeanor simple possession of marijuana (Schedule IV drug), and misdemeanor contempt of court, on top of the original charges for which he was initially in court.

It was ordered that Boston is to remain in custody for his reportedly bold maneuver for a period of 10-days. After that time he will be eligible to post a bond if he wishes, which was set at $3000.

Boston’s next appearance in court is currently set for April 14.

It was reported that video which was captured inside the courtroom during Boston’s alleged act has started circulating on social media sites.

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