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Woman Charged for Housing Sister Among Filth in Wooden Cage

A Washington County resident has been accused of keeping her care-dependent sister trapped inside of a wooden cage in an unclean home and denying the woman access to food and medications.

53-year-old Loretta Lancaster lives with her sister, 51-year-old Leona Biser, who provides care for the woman. Lancaster has reportedly suffered from meningitis since she was young, and the woman requires a caregiver to assist with her daily needs.

On November 22, a special agent with Adult Protective Services placed a call asking for law enforcement to come to Lancaster’s home when they allegedly discovered that Lancaster lives inside of a locked handmade wooden cage.

When an agent arrived it was reported that the house was odorous and cluttered with unsanitary filth, and Lancaster and her nephew were kneeling together in a cage-like structure with a latch on the outside. Inside the wooden area, it was reported that a heavily soiled mattress was placed on the floor.

When the authorities questioned Biser about the condition of the home and the wooden cage that she appeared to keep her sister in, Biser allegedly said that she needs to keep Lancaster contained so she won’t get hurt because she is unable to walk unassisted.

Despite Biser’s allegedly loudly protesting against the authorities removing her sister from the home, an ambulance was sent to the residence to take Lancaster to the hospital for assessment of her state of well-being.

While in the hospital, it was reported that Lancaster had a foul odor emanating from her person and she was in clothing that did not appear to have been washed for quite some time.

The medical professionals reportedly discovered that Lancaster had a urinary tract infection, in addition to redness on her buttocks and genital area. Her bloodwork allegedly reflected that the woman had not been receiving her regular medication as prescribed.

On January 15, Biser was charged for suspicion of neglect of a care-dependent person, abuse of a care-dependent person, recklessly endangering another person, unlawful restraint, and false imprisonment as a result of the situation.

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