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Man Swiped Bank Bag Holding Thousands in Tax Funds

A Connecticut man has been accused of larceny after reportedly taking a bag he found outside a local bank that held $5,000 in tax funds.

On May 30, the Trumble tax collector’s office sent an employee to the bank with a deposit bag with approximately $5,000 in tax money. The bag was adorned with the bank’s symbol and there were several documents inside that reportedly indicated that the owner was the Town of Trumble.

It was reported that the employee reached the financial institution, and when they looked for the bank bag, they noticed it was not there.

In the meantime, someone was strolling past the bank when they saw the bag lying on the ground. The man reportedly picked it up and kept it.

After the employee realized the bank bag was missing, the authorities were notified. An investigation was opened, and detectives made the rounds to all the businesses nearby to collect camera footage from the day and time the employee lost the bag so they could try to learn what happened to it. They also interviewed people they believed had information pertinent to the event.

The investigation continued for months, as the authorities had to review all the collected materials. While watching the video footage, the detectives reported that they saw the bank bag had been dropped outside the bank. They reported that they saw a man pick it up and walk away.

They believed the suspect was a 56-year-old man from Trumble, and he was contacted and asked to come to the police station.

When the man went to the headquarters, he was interviewed about the bank bag. He explained that he was walking to his car when he saw it, and he did not believe he was legally required to hand it over.

According to reports, the man was charged with larceny and released on his own recognizance.

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