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Man Threatened and Harassed Ex for Months After Breakup

After a man in Missouri’s ex got a restraining order against him for allegedly stalking, harassing, and threatening them, he reportedly violated it by continuing to try to interact with them several times a day.

According to reports, a couple from central Missouri ended their relationship at the end of last year and became entangled in a domestic dispute resulting in several visits from the police, and a restraining order.

On March 1, a man went to his ex’s home with the reported intention of talking about their failed relationship. His ex did not invite him, and his presence reportedly made them uncomfortable. When he was asked to leave the property, the man allegedly hit the alleged victim’s vehicle, threatened to break the home’s windows, and became verbally abusive as he departed. The authorities were notified, and sheriffs went to the address in response.

About a week later, the man reportedly returned to the residence and waited for his ex to come home with the purported intention of successfully having the conversation he previously tried to initiate. Instead, he was told to go away and not return without first being invited. When his ex locked themselves inside the house, the man allegedly hit the door and windows.

At the end of March, the man was served with a restraining order, but he allegedly ignored it and continued trying to talk to his ex. He allegedly sent them multiple emails, followed them in their car, and continued to drive past the alleged victim’s residence until he was caught during a traffic stop on April 7.

The man was taken into custody and booked into the Audrain County Jail. He is facing preliminary charges of three counts of first-degree harassment, first-degree stalking, two counts of fourth-degree domestic assault, attempted identity theft, and two counts of violation of an order of protection for an adult, in addition to traffic violations for failure to register a motor vehicle, and failure to drive on the right of the roadway.

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