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Man Pulled Knife on Child for Riding Bike on Sidewalk

A septuagenarian in Florida may face legal action after allegedly threatening a child on a bicycle with a knife when he reportedly became upset that the youngster was riding on the sidewalk.

Just after noon on April 8, a 73-year-old man donning a sunhat and dark sunglasses was walking down the sidewalk parallel to a main street in Winter Springs. According to reports, a boy on a bicycle riding down the same sidewalk tried to ride past him. The man allegedly became upset that the youngster was not riding in the designated bike lane, and he pulled a military-style blade out of his pocket. He reportedly pointed it at the child while scolding him. The boy reportedly immediately went home after telling the man that he was sorry, and the authorities were notified about the situation.

Officers from the Winter Springs Police Department went to talk to the child, who told them he was afraid his life was in danger when the man was allegedly wielding the knife. The police set out to locate the alleged perpetrator, and they saw the person they believed was responsible. When the child was asked if the man looked like the person with the knife, he positively identified him as the suspect.

The officers approached the man and told him he was being arrested, and they searched his person for dangerous items. It was reported that in addition to the knife they believed he was holding during the interaction with the boy, he was also carrying a firearm. He explained to the police that due to his age, he became fearful that he was going to be injured by the bike.

The suspect was taken into custody and booked into the Seminole County Jail. He is currently facing a preliminary charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. According to records, he has since been released from incarceration.

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