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Man Threatened to Blow Up Airport over Baggage Fees

A man was arrested after allegedly making threats to blow up airplanes and the building at McCarran Airport when he reportedly became upset over a $55 baggage fee.

On April 23, 52-year-old Andrew Greco planned to fly from Las Vegas to Reno.

When he arrived at the airport and checked in for his flight, Greco was told that he would need to pay an additional $55 for his luggage.

Greco told the Frontier Airlines agent that he paid the $17 when booking the ticket online.

When he did not make progress with the agent, Greco tried to call customer service. He was unsuccessful in resolving the manner with the phone call and reportedly rudely complained that the person he talked with did not speak English.

The man allegedly presented his frustration to a supervisor, but he reportedly became so unruly that he was banned from the flight.

The authorities were notified when Greco allegedly refused to depart from the airport.

When the police arrived, he was escorted off the property.

The following day, Frontier Airlines received many calls from a person claiming their name was “Donald Hump.” The caller allegedly threatened to blow up more than one airplane, in addition to the airport itself.

After learning about the alleged threats, the authorities positioned extra officers at the airport and used K9s to help identify possible explosives.

When listening to the voice from the calls, it was purported that it was identical to Greco’s.

The police located the man at the South Point Hotel and Casino with some of his friends, and they discussed the airport situation with him.

Greco reportedly acknowledged that he had made approximately 100 angry calls to try to get back at the airline for how they treated him.

He was taken into custody, and Greco is being charged for suspicion of making threats or conveying false information concerning acts of terrorism, and communicating a bomb threat.

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