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Man Threatened to Drown Wife During Dinner Disagreement

When a Utah married couple reportedly got into an argument over dinner plans, the man allegedly threatened to drown his wife in the nearby river due to his displeasure.

Last Sunday, 61-year-old Douglas Green and his wife were spending time at the Provo River Resort.

The couple reportedly began to talk about their plans, and they did not agree on what they should do for dinner.

When her husband allegedly became angered by the situation, the man reportedly threatened his wife’s life by telling her that he was going to drown her in the Provo River, which runs through the resort property.

Green allegedly grabbed his wife by the arms, and while other people were watching he reportedly yanked her into the water with force.

When the people who reportedly saw what was happening wanted to intervene, they reported to the police that Green made it clear that they should not approach.

The Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office was notified about the incident, and deputies dispatched to the location.

When they arrived and talked to the alleged victim, the woman reportedly told them what led up to the situation, and they noted that she had some bruising on her arms. The deputies asserted that the marks were made by her husband when he allegedly grabbed her.

After ensuring that the woman did not need medical attention, Green was taken into custody and housed in the Wasatch County Jail for the allegations.

He is facing charges of one felony count of aggravated kidnapping in the course of committing unlawful detention, and one misdemeanor count of assault.

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