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Officers Shot Trying to Detain Man Holding Family Hostage

A man allegedly held three of his family members hostage in their home for nearly 17-hours and reportedly shot and injured three responding officers during the standoff.

Last Sunday afternoon, a man reportedly angrily burst through the door of his family home in Cedar Park, Texas while his mother and siblings were inside.

The man’s mother feared for her safety and the safety of her children, and she called the authorities to report a possible domestic disturbance. She explained that her son was refusing to allow the family to exit the home.

When police arrived and entered the residence, three of the responding officers were injured when the suspect was reported as having discharged a firearm.

The officers shot back in the direction of the suspect, whose name has not been released, and learned that he had started a session on Facebook Live while the incident was ongoing. By watching the content they learned that the suspect had likely been injured from a bullet.

The three wounded officers were taken to the hospital, and one of them required surgery, but all were reported as being in stable condition.

Several assisting law enforcement agents and emergency medical crews arrived at the scene and worked together for more than 16-hours to try to get the man to release his family and turn himself over.

Around 8:00 am, a press conference was held letting the public know that the suspect had let his siblings and a pet out of the home.

The suspect reportedly came out of the house with his mother at approximately 9:00 am, and he was taken into custody without further instance.

The authorities reported that they are familiar with the family because they have come to the home on other occasions, and that the suspect is believed to suffer from ongoing mental health problems.

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