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Man With Car Full of Kids Threatened Neighbor with Gun 

A man in Minnesota was arrested after allegedly putting children in harm’s way and threatening to shoot one of his neighbors with a shotgun. 

On the afternoon of June 18, two neighbors in Ogema, which is approximately 60 miles away from Fargo, had an interaction involving one of the men allegedly threatening the other with a firearm. 

The neighbor suspected of approaching the other man has four children. He has reportedly felt suspicious about his neighbor’s behavior. The man accused his neighbor of several acts that caused him distress. 

The man drives a yellow Thunderbird, and he reportedly loaded his children, two of whom are age 3, one is 7 years old, and the oldest is 8, into his vehicle. 

He allegedly pulled away from his home and into his neighbor’s driveway while blasting the horn. 

When the man in the car with the youngsters spoke to his neighbor, he allegedly informed him that he had a shotgun and told him that he would use it to shoot him in the head. 

After the man drove away with the children, the alleged victim called the authorities. 

Law enforcement from the White Earth Police Department went to his residence. It was reported that he told the police he is afraid of his neighbor. 

An officer saw a yellow Thunderbird driving on a highway in the area, and they tried to perform a traffic stop. 

The man did not immediately pull over, but he drove the short distance to his house and parked the car before talking to the police. The children remained in the vehicle. 

When he spoke to the police about the situation with his neighbor, the man reportedly said he believed his neighbor had performed several concerning acts, such as witchcraft rituals in his driveway. The man said he was informed by the supernatural world about his neighbor posing a danger to him. 

He let the police know that he had a .22 in the trunk of his car, and when they searched him, they found a .22 magazine and a pocket knife. 

The man reportedly told the police that he smoked methamphetamine 5-6 hours before their interaction. He let them know that he had been using it for a couple of years. 

The suspect was taken into custody. He is facing charges for felony making terroristic threats, gross misdemeanor child endangerment, and gross misdemeanor DWI. 

He was released to the White Earth inpatient treatment facility while awaiting his next court appearance. 

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