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Man with Knife Tried to Make Police Shoot Him 

A heavily intoxicated man wielding a knife was arrested after a woman called 911 to protect herself, and he refused to cooperate with the responding law enforcement.  

Early in the morning on February 7, a female homeowner had a male guest at her house. It was reported that he consumed a lot of alcohol and had been acting erratically for several hours. 

The man had allegedly been starting arguments with the woman and verbally harassing her for much of the prior evening. His aggression reportedly escalated, and he allegedly grabbed a knife. 

Just after 2:00 am, 911 received a call from someone at the woman’s address, but it was disconnected. 

The operator returned the call to see if someone needed assistance, and they learned that a female had a drunk man in her home who was wielding a knife, and she was afraid for her safety. 

Officers with the Brownwood Police Department showed up at the residence and knocked on the door. The man answered and reportedly refused to speak with them unless they produced a warrant. 

The man reportedly closed the door, but the officers feared the woman inside might be in physical danger, so they opened it themselves. 

The woman was still on the phone with the 911 dispatcher and was locked in her bedroom. 

The police asked the man to step outside of the home, but he refused to cooperate and allegedly told them to shoot him. 

The officers were able to detain him without incident.  

The suspect was taken into custody and transported to the Brown County Jail for booking. He is facing charges of simple assault against a family member and interfering with an emergency call. An additional charge of obstruction/retaliation was added as a result of the man allegedly threatening to harm the police after he is released from incarceration. It was also reported that he assaulted employees at the detention facility. 

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