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Woman Arrested After Fight with Boyfriend Turned Fowl 

When a man and his girlfriend arrived home after going to a bar together, the woman got upset and allegedly struck him in the head with a chicken. 

On the evening of February 1, a couple from Eagle Lake, Minnesota, were spending time together at a local bar. 

When they left the establishment, the man was driving, and the woman was in the passenger seat. She allegedly started to get physically aggressive toward her beau. It is unclear what caused her anger, but she allegedly began to hit him. It was reported that she also spit in his face more than once. 

When the couple, who have been together for approximately 10 years, arrived at their residence, the woman was reportedly still upset. 

According to reports, she retrieved a whole chicken and heaved it at her boyfriend. The bird reportedly struck him in the back of the head. 

With remnants of the chicken still attached to him, the man called the authorities.  

Officers with the Eagle Lake Police Department were on the call when they heard someone hollering loudly. When they got to the residence, the police reported that from outside the dwelling, they could still hear someone shouting. 

When the police entered the apartment, they reportedly found that the man still had chicken in his hair. An officer talked to the man about the incident, and he explained what happened between the time the couple left the bar until the police arrived at their home, 

It was noted in the police report that when they took her into custody, the woman struggled and kicked. 

She was booked into the Blue Earth County Jail, and she is facing preliminary charges of domestic assault, and obstructing police. 

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