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Man Woke to Burglar Napping in Sanitary Pad Nest

On Wednesday night around 11:00 pm, an Altoona, Pennsylvania, resident secured his home and turned in for the evening.

When he woke up on Thursday morning he said that he saw that one of the doors to his house was ajar.

He entered into the kitchen and he reportedly happened upon a man who was asleep on his kitchen floor. Though the alleged intruder’s presence alone left the resident baffled, the additional discovery that the uninvited guest was surrounded by shredded up sanitary napkins caused further bewilderment.

The dweller notified the authorities and reported that in addition to allegedly breaking into his home and creating the unusual mess, the burglar, identified as 60-year-old Brian Smith, seemed to have helped himself to some of the man’s Krave cereal.

While speaking with the cops, Smith reportedly disclosed that he had used methamphetamine some time in the previous 48-hours. He also allegedly stated that he had no recollection of the means by which he ended up in the man’s house, nor did he know what reason he allegedly did so.

Smith was taken into custody and he has been accused of felony burglary, criminal trespassing, and criminal mischief.

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