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Man Offered Illicit Proposal to Cure Coworker’s Boredom

When a woman in the middle of her shift at 7-11 told the man working with her that she was bored he allegedly used the opportunity to propose a gratuitous and unwanted sexual encounter as a way to pass the time.

Until recently, 25-year-old Mustafa Demiray was a staff member at the 7-11 in Bradenton, Florida.

Last weekend, Demiray was on the clock working with a female clerk during an uneventful period at the convenience store. The woman reportedly shared with Demiray that she had a lack of interest in finishing her shift just before she went to a back office area designated for employees and sat down to fiddle with her cell phone.

Demiray allegedly trailed after his apathetic assistant and unfastened his pants while standing at a distance that she reported was too close for comfort while presenting his penis to her. The woman alleged that Demiray was touching himself and asked her if she wanted to pleasure him orally.

After being turned down for his alleged impromptu and bold suggestion Demiray placed his penis back into his pants and walked out of the area where the alleged victim remained.

Just after 3:00 am, the police arrived and made Demiray aware that his alleged method of assisting his coworker with her ennui was unlawful before taking him into custody.

The arresting officer recorded that Demiray explained that the woman he was working with had given him the impression his alleged advances were welcome when she gave what he perceived as an inviting glance to him beforehand.

For his alleged conduct after purportedly misreading the woman’s signals, Demiray was placed under arrest on suspicion of exposure of his sexual organs in a public place. He was incarcerated in lieu of $150 bond, which may be a bit more difficult to pay since it was reported that Demiray is no longer working at the 7-11.

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