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Maskless Woman Fought Police and Spit on Plane Passengers

A woman on an airplane reportedly refused to wear a face mask and allegedly became unruly by fighting with the authorities and spitting on passengers.

Last week, 23-year-old Adelaide Gabrielle Schrowang was taking a trip out of Southwest Florida International Airport.

The woman boarded the Delta Airlines aircraft and took her seat amongst the other passengers, but she was not wearing a face mask.

The flight attendants on duty asked Schrowang to put on a face mask several times, but the woman reportedly refused to comply.

The captain of the aircraft decided that they wanted Schrowang to get off of the plane, but the woman reportedly resisted the attempts to get her to de-board.

The police were notified about the incident, and the plane remained at the gate while officers headed to the scene.

When the police arrived, they tried to encourage Schrowang to get off of the plane.

Someone in a neat nearby recorded a few minutes of the interaction, showing Schrowang arguing with the police about her Constitutional rights. She believed they did not have a legal reason to place their hands on her.

The police informed Schrowang that the passengers were getting off the plane, and as soon as they were all cleared, she was going to be placed under arrest.

Schrowang was eventually taken into custody, and she was booked into the Lee County Jail on a $65,000 bond.

The airport police department is pursuing charges against her for resisting an officer (obstructing without violence), trespass, and interference with aircraft operations.

When the video of the tirade was uploaded to the internet, it reportedly got over 6,000 views in less than 72 hours.

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