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Media Mogul Pulled Shotgun on Amazon Driver

A media mogul in Pennsylvania is facing charges after allegedly pulling a gun on a woman trying to deliver him a package from Amazon and ordering her to leave his property.

Early in the evening on July 1, a woman driving a black Dodge Caravan with her two youngsters as passengers went to the Paradise Township mansion of a man who previously owned multiple newspapers in Oregon. She was attempting to deliver a package from Amazon, but she was not driving a company vehicle.

When she arrived at the gate, the man opened it and allowed the woman to drive the Dodge onto his property.

She drove up to the home and parked so that she could give the man his package. Before the woman was able to get out of the vehicle to make the delivery, the man allegedly pulled out a short-barrel shotgun and pointed it in her direction.

According to reports, the woman responded by putting both hands in the air and tried to explain that she was an Amazon employee with a package for him.

The man allegedly grabbed the package from her with the hand that wasn’t holding the gun. It was recorded in the arrest report that he pointed the gun at the woman again and told her to get off his property.

The woman immediately pulled out of the driveway and left the premises with her children.

The Pennsylvania State Police were notified about the situation, and troopers were sent to the man’s address.

They talked to the man at the scene and spoke to the woman in a different location since she already left the area.

It is shown in the arrest report that a judge has prepared and filed charges of misdemeanor reckless endangerment against the suspect.

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