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Men Caught using Meth in Camouflaged Stolen Vehicle 

Two men were reportedly found smoking methamphetamine in a stolen car that allegedly had been spray painted to change its color. 

Erin Zerfass, 28, and Stacy Wray, 20, are from Lincoln, Nebraska. 

On the evening of November 12, Zerfass and Wray were hanging out on the premises at the Lincoln Airport location of the Sunset Inn and Suites.  

The two men were allegedly sitting inside of a car in the motel’s parking lot. They were reportedly in the back seat together. 

Just before 8:30 pm, officers with the Lincoln Police were on duty and in the vicinity of the motel when they noticed two men sitting in a parked 2019 Toyota Corolla.  

The police approached the black-colored vehicle and initiated contact with the inhabitants.  

According to reports, when one of the men saw the officers, it was believed that he tried to hide something from their view.  

The man, identified as Wray, was said to be holding a small pipe that was assumed to be intended for smoking drugs.  

Zerfass was identified as the other occupant of the vehicle, and the police noticed that the car appeared to be painted with spray paint.  

When they ran a check on the Camry, the authorities reported that the car had been stolen at the beginning of November. The car, which was reported as a white vehicle, was allegedly now covered with black spray paint.  

The police believed that Zerfass and Wray had stolen the vehicle. 

When the officers searched the inside of the car, they reportedly discovered drug residue. They said a field test revealed that it was methamphetamine. 

Zerfass and Wray were placed under arrest. They are each facing charges of felony theft by receiving and possession of a controlled substance.  

As of this writing, both men were still incarcerated in the Lancaster County Department of Corrections. 

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