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Men with 83 Pounds of Pot Called 911 on Themselves

Three New York men are facing drug charges after the police responded to their 911 call and found 83 pounds of marijuana that the authorities believed belonged to them. 

On January 13, three men were traveling together in a vehicle in Breezewood. 

According to reports, the driver wanted the passengers to get out of the car. The man said when he asked them to get out, they would not. 

Since he did not know how to remove them from the vehicle, the man dialed 911 and reported the situation. He told them that his passengers were carrying marijuana and refused to leave the vehicle. 

The call was disconnected, but it was traced to a local Marathon Gas Station.  

New York State troopers made their way to the location and encountered all three men when they arrived. Two of them were found in the parking lot, and they were reportedly standing close to a couple of duffel bags. 

The police asked if they could look inside the bags, and the men reportedly told them it was okay to do so.  

Vaccuum-sealed bags were reportedly found inside, and the bags allegedly held marijuana. 

During a search of the surrounding area, the police reported that they found 83 pounds of pot in trash bags that had been stashed behind a dumpster. 

It was assumed that all the marijuana belonged to the trio. 

The vehicle was searched, and it was reported that $120,000 in counterfeit money was inside duffel bags. 

The police reported that when they talked to the men, each of them had different stories about the situation. 

All three suspects were taken into custody and booked into the Bedford County Prison. The driver is accused of forgery and possession with intent to deliver, and the other two men may be charged with possession with intent to deliver. Each of them is being held on a $100,000 bond.    

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