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Toddler Found Playing with Loaded Gun Outside Apartment  

An Indiana dad was arrested after his toddler was caught on the video of a doorbell camera while he was running around in an apartment complex hallway in a diaper and waving an allegedly loaded gun. 

On the evening of January 14, 911 received calls from people who live in the Beech Meadows apartment complex in Beech Grove. The callers reported that a youngster was outside in a hallway wearing only a diaper, and they believed he was playing with a loaded gun like it was a toy. 

Beech Grove police were accompanied by the television show crew of “Live: On Patrol” since they are featured on the REELZ show. 

The camera crew filmed as the police investigated the situation. 

Footage of the young boy was captured on someone’s Ring camera. It appeared as if the child was waving around a firearm and continuously pulling the trigger. It was reported that he could be seen pointing it at himself as well. 

The police asked the child to tell them where he put down the “toy,” purportedly referring to the gun. 

When they talked to the toddler’s father, the 45-year-old man said he did not have a gun. He reportedly said that his cousin was staying with him and that he owned a firearm. 

They searched the apartment, and the Live: On Patrol cameras were filming as the police pulled what looked like a semiautomatic 9mm Smith and Wesson pistol from behind a desk. It was reported that there were 15 rounds in the magazine.  

The man was taken into custody and booked into the Marion County Jail. He may face charges of felony neglect of a dependent. 

The toddler was returned to his mother’s care. 

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