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Mom Arrested when Severely Abused Teen Tried to Kill Herself

An Oklahoma mother is being held on a $100,000 bond after accusations that she abused her teenage daughter to the extent that the child reportedly intended to take her own life.

34-year-old Brianna Hale lives in Oklahoma City with her three daughters, and more than a dozen dogs.

On August 12, 911 received a call informing them that a person appeared to be preparing to jump from a second-story window.

The police arrived at the reported address, and they noted that a teenage girl said she was going to jump from the window and end her life.

The officers and neighbors tried to offer her comfort, and they coaxed her down.

When police talked to the teenager about what led up to the incident, she reported that her mother abuses her and her sisters. The girl told them that her mom has mental health problems that make it seem like she has more than one personality.

The girl stated that her mother hits her and her sisters, and sometimes refers to them as demons or robots.

When the girl felt that she could not take the alleged abuse anymore, she decided she was going to try to jump out of the window to end her life. She reported that when her mother learned she was thinking about committing suicide, the woman reportedly said she wished the girl was already dead.

The police searched the apartment, and they noted that there was an unlivable amount of filth in the dwelling. They also said they discovered several dogs living in the residence.

The children were taken by CPS, and they are reportedly in the custody of their father.

Hale was taken into custody, and she is facing charges for suspicion of child neglect and abuse.

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