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Man Arrested for Felony While Trying to Show Off for Date

A Florida man was taken into custody when he allegedly tried to impress a woman he was on a first date with by driving recklessly on his motorcycle.

22-year-old Taylor William Beverly lives in Tampa.

On August 28, Beverly, who drives a Suzuki motorcycle, picked up a woman for their first date.

When the woman was on the back of his motorcycle, Beverly was reportedly seen by on-duty Clearwater police officers as he ran a red light.

The officer reported that they tried to perform a traffic stop using their lights and sirens, but Beverly allegedly sped up.

According to the police report, Beverly “made eye contact” with the officers before he continued speeding down the road. They did not report his exact speed, but the authorities claimed that Beverly was traveling at more than 100 MPH.

The pursuing police decided that it could put others in danger if they continued to follow Beverly. They informed the police department of the direction he was traveling, and they trailed behind at a safer speed.

Beverly reportedly continued to run red lights while allegedly zig-zagging through traffic at a high rate of speed. The man eventually came to a complete stop at an intersection, and the police were able to detain him.

When Beverly was asked about the situation, the man allegedly said he was trying to show off for the woman he was on the date with.

The woman, who was reportedly not impressed, told the officers that she was screaming at Beverly. She said that he refused to listen to her when she told him to stop the motorcycle.

Beverly was taken into custody and booked. He is being charged with a felony for suspicion of fleeing at a high rate of speed while driving in a manner that demonstrated a wanton disregard for others.

Beverly, who has an extensive list of priors, spent the night in jail in lieu of a $10,000 bond.

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