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Mom Drove With 5-Year-Old Sitting on Hood of Car

A woman from South Carolina allegedly recorded a video while she drove a vehicle with her youngster seated on the hood and she is facing a felony charge for the incident.

26-year-old Thrista Johnson is a mother of two who lives and works in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

On April 26, Johnson reportedly took her 5-year-old daughter for a car ride in a purportedly illegal fashion by allegedly sitting the child on the hood of the car near the front windshield while she drove in the area around her apartment building.

In addition to allegedly motoring with the tot on the outside of the automobile, Johnson made a 20-second home video of the event and shared it on social media.

The Rock Hill Police Department learned about the video on April 28, and they reported that there were enough landmarks visible to figure out where they were and “that they were traveling in the apartment complex roadway.” The authorities also said they saw the car make several turns in the short footage taken of the incident.

The police went to the apartment building and ran into Johnson while she was taking out the trash.

They discussed the alleged incident with her and reported that Johnson said she did drive with her daughter on the car hood and that she has done it in the past.

After leaving her residence the police obtained a warrant for Johnson’s arrest based on suspicion of child neglect.

The woman, who turned herself in after finding out about the warrant, reportedly spoke about the incident she said she believes someone who dislikes her very much must have issued the report.

Johnson has been charged for suspicion of felony child neglect, and the authorities reported that her daughter was not hurt during the alleged incident.

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