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Delaware Man Arrested For 7th DUI

A man from Seaford is facing a felony after an alleged domestic violence incident resulted in his seventh charge for driving under the influence.

Last Sunday, 54-year-old Bretley W. Knox and his 39-year-old girlfriend were reportedly engaged in an argument in his truck that became physical in nature when he allegedly struck the woman.

Around 9:30 pm, Knox was allegedly spotted by people on the street he was traveling down and they reported that he was swerving erratically before he stopped the vehicle in a driveway.

The onlookers reported that they heard what they believed was a woman’s voice yelling for help, and they said that they saw Knox drag her out of the automobile before he started to physically assault her.

When the alleged victim was able to break away from Knox she went to a house close by, and Knox left in his pickup.

Delaware State Police were notified about the situation and since Knox had already left the scene they went to his home in an attempt to locate him.

When the police arrived at Knox’s house and confirmed that he was there they reportedly asked him to come outside, but they said that the man did not initially cooperate with their request.

Knox eventually exited the residence and the police asserted that he was intoxicated.

He was placed under arrest for suspicion of resisting arrest, offensive touching, disorderly conduct, and 7th offense DUI which is a felony charge.

Knox was incarcerated in the Sussex Correctional Institution in lieu of a $26,200 cash-only bond.

The woman went to the hospital for an assessment, and her injuries were reported as minor.

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