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Mom Scalded Baby by Pouring Hot Soup on His Face

An Alabama mother of a 10-month-old is facing charges after she was accused of intentionally scalding her baby by pouring hot soup on his face.
On November 14, a baby boy was brought to a local hospital in Mobile for medical treatment of injuries reportedly caused by serious burns.
According to reports, when the medical personnel examined the youngster, they noted that he was underweight for his age, and they believed he was suffering from malnourishment. In addition to the burns on his face, they also found scalding in his throat and on the inside of his mouth. It was believed that the injuries were caused by hot liquid being poured on him. The hospital treated the child, and they notified the authorities to report the injuries. An investigation was launched by the DA.
The Mobile County District Attorney’s Office looked into the situation, and they reported that they asserted the boy’s mother caused his injuries. It was believed that the woman poured hot soup on her son’s face. According to the indictment, the authorities alleged that she willfully tortured and abused the boy, and “cruelly beat or otherwise maltreat[ed] said child by failing to immediately seek medical attention after the child was severely burned on the face and throat, causing physical injury.”
The woman was taken into custody without incident and booked into the Mobile County Metro Jail. She is expected to face preliminary charges for one count of aggravated child abuse for the allegations. She was released from custody after posting a $60,000 bond.
The Mobile County District Attorney spoke about the case and stated that they prioritize incidents involving the alleged abuse of a child.
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