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Mom Took Unclothed Baby to Walmart on Freezing Day

A mom is facing charges after she allegedly brought her toddler to a Walmart store wearing nothing but a diaper on a freezing cold day.

On January 17, in Byram, Mississippi, the weather was recorded as being between 10 and 38 degrees. According to reports, a local woman who has a toddler son decided to visit the Walmart Supercenter with the child. She allegedly left the child unclothed and wearing only a diaper despite the frigid temperature outside.

It was reported that while she was in the store with the child in the grocery cart, a shopper walked up to her to admonish her for not putting clothes on the youngster. She allegedly acted unfazed and responded by twerking in his direction.

One of the employees began recording a video while following the woman and child around the store. The footage, which she uploaded to social media, reportedly showed the youngster shivering.  Another store patron dressed the child in clothes she pulled from Walmart shelves.

The woman was taken into custody and booked into the Hinds County Jail. She is facing preliminary charges of contributing to the neglect or delinquency of a minor. According to jail records, she has been released. If she is convicted, she could spend 6 years behind bars. She reportedly wrote a Facebook post explaining that she was being unfairly persecuted and said Child Protective Services removed her children from her care.

The employee who recorded and posted the video was notified by her boss and told she was being dismissed from her position at Walmart for her involvement. She reportedly raised $15,000 in a GoFundMe by asking people to help her since she lost her job.

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