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Mom Used Toddler’s Dr. Seuss Book as Cocaine Tray

The mother of a young boy was arrested after police allegedly found cocaine and paraphernalia laid out on her child’s copy of The Cat in the Hat.

24-year-old Casey Quoka has a toddler and lives in Largo, Florida. She is reported as being employed as a bartender at a local Applebee’s Grill and Bar.

Quoka’s youngster reportedly owns a copy of the book “The Cat in the Hat.”

Much like the mischievous cat in the Dr. Seuss classic, Quoka allegedly used the bestseller to pull antics in front of her child that led to a troublesome predicament.

According to a police report filed by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s office, law enforcement went to Quoka’s residence just after 5:30 pm on April 7.

Quoka’s 3-year-old reportedly had bruises on his body, and it was asserted that his mother caused them by being too rough with him during punishment.

While searching the contents of her apartment, the police entered Quoka’s bedroom. They allegedly saw more than one substance purported to be illegal narcotics lying around.

An undisclosed amount of marijuana was reportedly sitting on the woman’s bed, and pills believed to be ecstasy (MDMA) were allegedly on the nightstand. The authorities additionally reported that Quoka’s child’s “The Cat in the Hat” book had “a bump of suspected cocaine, and a straw on the cover.”

The substances were reportedly left in spots that the youngster could easily access, and the authorities became concerned for his safety.

Quoka was placed under arrest. She is facing charges of felony child abuse, and her bond was set at $4,000. It was reported that additional charges will be added if the substances located in her home show positive test results for illegal drugs.

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