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Montana Man with Astronomical BAC Arrested for Fifth DUI

A man in Montana who was allegedly driving erratically while under the influence of alcohol was arrested for suspicion of his fifth DUI.

On July 23, a man was driving his Toyota Tundra in Missoula when he caught the attention of an officer from the Missoula Police Department. The officer purported that the vehicle was being driven very slowly, and approximated that it was going 10 miles under the posted speed limit.

The officer kept an eye on the truck, and they reported that the driver was weaving back and forth between the lanes on the road. After it happened a few times, the officer decided to pull over the driver.

He turned on his flashing lights, but the driver reportedly continued going as if he did not notice the officer. When the officer used his siren, it got the driver’s attention, and he pulled his truck to the side of the road.

According to reports, when the man turned to speak to the officer, he had several physical indicators of intoxication. His eyes were allegedly red, and his motor skills were stunted. When asked to provide proof of identification, registration, and insurance, the man was reportedly unable to give them to the officer.

The man, who was identified as a 44-year-old from Missoula, was asked if he had been drinking alcohol. He allegedly told the officer that he drank some beers earlier.

It was reported that the man consented to a roadside breath test, and the results showed his blood-alcohol level as .211.

The man was taken into custody and booked into the Missoula County Jail. He is expected to face charges of DUI fifth offense.

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