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Mother Accused of Using Bow Saw in Attempt to Behead Autistic Son

A mother in Maryland is facing charges after allegations that she used a saw to try to decapitate her 11-year-old autistic son when she became overwhelmed with concern about the child’s future.

46-year-old Kristina Petrie and her husband of 15 years share a home in Aspen Hill with their two autistic sons. Kristina is a stay-at-home parent while her husband Andrew reportedly has a full-time professional career. One of the Petrie’s neighbors stated that Kristina appeared to spend many of her days taking her children on outings and working outdoors maintaining her yard.

On the afternoon of March 12, Petrie’s 11-year-old returned from school to find his mother allegedly having mood swings that took her from crying to laughing within minutes. The child saw his younger brother in tears on the sofa and he proceeded upstairs to his room to play video games before beginning his homework.

Moments later Petrie reportedly went upstairs and confronted her son asking why he was playing games instead of doing his homework. The boy allegedly noticed that his mother had a bow saw in her hand and he tried to run away from her, but she caught him and forced him to the floor.

Petrie then allegedly placed the saw on her son’s throat and began dragging the blade over his neck repeatedly. The boy struggled and was able to get the weapon away from his mom, and he ran to a neighbor’s house.

Petrie reportedly placed a call to her husband and told him of the situation that had occurred. He left work and returned home to take her to MedStar Montgomery Medical Center for assistance. While speaking with hospital staff Petrie expressed that she felt overwhelmed with concern that she was failing to provide proper assistance to her children with their autism. She was also reported as stating that she “did not want her children to grow up to be a burden to society,” and she had planned to decapitate her son when he came home from school.

The child’s injuries were recorded in photographs and authorities reported that the images depicted thin lacerations and scabs on his throat in addition to cuts and red marks upon his body.

Petrie was jailed and she is being held without bail on charges of attempted first-degree murder, and child abuse. On Tuesday at a bond review hearing, the prosecuting attorney asked that Petrie remain incarcerated without bond, but stated that he was in favor of a reconsideration hearing if Petrie’s defense could provide additional documents.

Petrie’s attorney hinted at the notion that she did have additional information that would provide an explanation for the actions her client was accused of, but she was not yet ready to present it. She also stated that Petrie has no prior history with the law, loves her children, and had no intention of actually harming anyone.

Petrie is scheduled for her next court appearance on April 20. If she is found guilty of the charges she could face a sentence of life in prison.

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