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Maid Accused of Cleaning Out $10,000 in Goods from Clients Homes

A housekeeper in Tennessee has been charged with theft for accusations that she has stolen items from two of the homes that she was hired to clean.

36-year-old Cynthia Ward is the proprietor of the Chapmansboro based cleaning service Cynthia’s Housekeeping.

In December 2017 Ward cleaned the condominium of a client who returned home to find an Ipad, some gift cards, cash, a designer label planner, and a camera missing from their residence. The owner notified the authorities and reported the $4,400 worth of absent possessions, many of which were baby shower gifts she had received.

While investigating the claim police reviewed video surveillance footage showing that someone matching Ward’s description had entered and exited the location while carrying a large handbag on that date. Additionally, the client stated that they had hired her to provide two hours of cleaning service, but records of the use of the security key card to enter the building allegedly showed that she had been there for approximately four hours. When investigators talked with security guards employed at the condominiums they confirmed that they believed Ward had spent quite a bit of time in the home on that day.

In a second incident on Tuesday Ward was at the home of one of her clients when the customer’s daughter came home from school and allegedly spotted the woman taking things from inside the home and putting them in her vehicle. When the owner of the residence arrived she called the police and reported what her daughter had seen and stated that the value of the items taken was estimated at $7,600.

When officers dispatched to the scene they discovered Ward’s car parked in a location near the reported theft. When they searched the vehicle they reportedly found several items in her trunk that they believed came from the alleged victim’s home.

Ward was taken into custody and booked into the Metro Jail on charges two counts of felony theft. She was released from custody after paying the ordered bond and has her first court appearance scheduled on April 13.

Ward maintains her innocence and expressed concern over losing clients due to the allegations.

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