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Mother Allegedly Used Taser to Wake Son for Church on Easter

A teenage boy called the police for assistance reporting that his mother had tried to wake him up for church on Easter Sunday with a taser. The woman is facing charges for the allegations.
On Easter morning 40-year-old Phoenix resident Sharron Dobbins, a single mother, was in the process of waking her two teenage sons for church.
The boys were giving her a hard time and Dobbins began to get aggravated and upset with their behavior. After telling them to get out of bed because it was “Jesus’ day,” she requested that her 16-year-old ask his friends to go home. He argued saying that his friends did not have to leave and he began using foul language toward his mother.
Dobbins, who said that she is trying to teach her children to put God first, went to her bedroom and retrieved a taser. After returning to her son’s room with the device she then allegedly touched the taser to her son’s leg and zapped him.
The 16-year-old notified the authorities, and Dobbins, who was aware that her son had placed the call, reported that she was not concerned about it.
A responding officer arrived and asked Dobbins where her son was so that he could speak with the boy, and Dobbins directed him to her son’s bedroom. After talking with the teenager the officer returned to notify Dobbins that she was being placed under arrest on allegations of child abuse for using the taser on her child.
Dobbins tried to explain that she did not touch her child with the taser, but that she pressed the button to make the noise in order to scare him, and that she was standing at least five feet away from him in the doorway to his room when she activated it. The officer informed her that her actions constituted domestic violence against a child and she was taken into custody.
Dobbins, who is facing felony child abuse charges, was released on her own recognizance, but the judge imposed stipulations on her discharge.
Dobbins is ordered against any contact with the arresting officer, she is unable to possess a weapon of any kind, has been prohibited from possessing and consuming alcohol, and will not be allowed to reside with the alleged victim. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 20.
The victim, who is going to stay with the defendant’s sister for the time being, reported that he was not experiencing any pain, but two small bumps were identified on his leg.
Dobbins vehemently maintains that she is innocent, and according to court papers her son stated that he did not want his mother prosecuted and he did not want to testify against her.
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