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Mother Posted Instagram Video of Daughter being Whipped

The mother of a preteen girl allegedly whipped her with a belt and posted a video of the abuse online to try to shame her daughter.

Adrian Varner has a 12-year-old daughter, and they live in Monroe, Louisiana.

On May 3, Varner reportedly punished her child using physical force.

The woman allegedly grabbed a belt and began to strike her daughter. She reportedly hit the girl hard enough to leave marks all over her limbs.

While she reportedly struck the child with the strap, a video of the alleged abuse was recorded.

After Varner finished allegedly beating her daughter, she reportedly uploaded the video to the Instagram social media site in what she reportedly proclaimed was an attempt to make the child feel public shame.

The following day, the Monroe police department went to Varner’s home to investigate a reported domestic disturbance.

When they arrived, the officers talked to Varner about the alleged video containing footage of her battering her daughter.

The police checked the 12-year-old girl for signs of abuse. According to the arrest affidavit, they discovered she had marks congruent with the beating shown in the video. The child reportedly had bruising on the right side of her body, mainly showing on her arm and leg.

The officers reported that they read Varner her Miranda rights and informed her she was being arrested.

After accepting the terms of her rights, Varner allegedly decided to speak to the police without an attorney present.

The woman reportedly told the authorities that the video showed her “beating her (daughter’s) mother f***ing ass,” and that she posted it with the intention of “embarrassing her on Instagram.”

Varner was taken into custody and booked into the Ouachita Correctional Center. She is expected to face charges for suspicion of felony cruelty to juveniles, and domestic battery.

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