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Toddler Left House While Drug-Using Parents Slept

The parents of a 4-year-old were reportedly discovered sleeping with a baby and drugs in their residence while their toddler left the dwelling alone and went into a neighbor’s home.

22-year-old Tapanga McCartney and 24-year-old Thomas Raymond live in Ridgebury County, Pennsylvania, with a 1-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son.

On April 12, the Pennsylvania State Police received a report from the neighbor of the family to alert them that the young boy was in her house without any clothing other than a diaper.

The authorities reported that the neighbor said she drove up to her house and saw that the front door was open. When she went inside, she allegedly found the boy.

Police went to the home of the child’s parents, and when they arrived, they said they found that the couple was asleep.

When they were inside the residence, the authorities took a look around. They reported that they discovered a bag holding what they purported was drugs. It was asserted that the bag contained methamphetamine. A glass piece of paraphernalia was allegedly seen near the bag, and the police assumed that it had been used by the parents to smoke the drugs.

The officers additionally reportedly saw the 1-year-old girl asleep in her crib in the home.

Based on what they allegedly discovered in the residence, the police placed McCartney and Raymond under arrest.

They were each booked and charged for suspicion of drug possession. Whether they may face additional charges for allegedly leaving the toddler unattended has not currently been reported.

Bradford County Children & Youth Services were informed about the situation, and both children were placed in their custody.

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