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Motorist Found Unkempt Baby Wandering Alone on Highway

The parents of a 1-year-old are facing charges after a woman driving down U.S. Highway 1 allegedly found their baby in the street by himself.

While driving down the highway on Monday morning, a woman saw a young child wearing only a diaper as he reportedly began wandering into the road in front of her car.

The concerned driver pulled over and got out of her vehicle with a plan to hold the boy until the authorities arrived.

Deputies with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the location and encountered the woman who notified them, who was awaiting their arrival with a postal worker that came up to the scene.

One of the deputies recognized the child from a previous incident giving him the ability to quickly find the boy’s home; a trailer inside a park right next to the highway where the little one was discovered.

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office released the body cam footage from the incident, and it first shows the deputy making an attempt to knock on the door of the trailer to try to locate the parents of the young wanderer.

When no one answered the door the deputy took the child to his police vehicle and entertained the baby until his parents were found.

Around 10 minutes later, the boy’s mother, 28-year-old Yajaira Tirado, approached her son and the deputy appearing as if she was groggy. A few moments later the child’s father, Jacob Krueger, 25, appeared and the deputy began to admonish the parents for the incident, in addition to the allegedly “disgusting” state of the child’s appearance and unsanitary conditions. It was additionally purported that the dirt roadways in the trailer park were unsafe terrain for the pair to allow their child to roam.

The deputy gave the parents their son and told them the baby was in immediate need of a new diaper. It was also asked that they put him in clothing since he was covered with mosquito bites that the deputy believed were received due to the parents neglect to protect him from the common Florida pests.

Ironically, while he was playing with the youngster inside of the police vehicle he was seen swatting mosquitos and commenting on the extreme heat of the day.

After re-emerging with the baby in fresh clothes and a clean diaper Tirado and Krueger were placed under arrest and booked into the county jail for suspicion of child neglect.

Tirado was incarcerated in lieu of $5000 bond, and Krueger was released without a bond amount set.

The authorities noted that they were going to get in touch with the boy’s grandmother, who was with his sister at the time and release him into her custody. It was also said that they were going to notify DCF.

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