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Suspect Stole Marilyn Monroe Sculpture at Hollywood Gateway

A Glendale man who was previously convicted for messing with iconic Hollywood fixtures has been accused of theft after the Marilyn Monroe statue went missing from its Hollywood Gateway home.

Around 11:00 pm on June 16, a surveillance camera positioned at the Gateway facing “The Four Ladies of Hollywood” gazebo recorded what appeared to be a male descending from the top of the structure where the Marilyn statue been affixed. It was purported that the suspect used a tool to saw the statue from its base before walking to the nearby Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. A group consisting of the suspect, two men, and a woman had gathered by the time they reached the destination.

The Los Angeles Police Department opened an investigation and the same detective who worked on a case involving the destruction of Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame star began to research the details of the incident involving the disappearance of the artistic depiction of Marilyn Monroe.

25-year-old Austin Mikel Clay is a resident of Los Angeles County who had his name in the news last year after he was accused and convicted for defacing the Donald Trump star.

On June 21, investigators believed that they had enough probable cause to accuse Clay of destroying the gazebo and taking the statue.

Though no part of the actual item, nor a motive was reported as being found, when the authorities arrived at Clay’s residence they searched the premises and allegedly uncovered proof that they believe is significant in showing that he was involved in the looting of the city-owned statue.

Clay was taken into custody for the suspicions and he is facing charges for felony grand theft of property valued at more than $950, and vandalism causing over $400 in damage.

On Tuesday he entered a plea of not guilty to the charges and his bail was set at $45,000. If Clay is held accountable for the accusations he could spend up to 36 months in jail.

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