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MSU Student Urinated on Two Females at Bar

A college student was arrested in a bar last weekend when two females alleged that the man urinated on them from a balcony while they were sitting on the ground level.

Jack DeBrabander is a 20-year-old engineering major at Michigan State University.

Last Saturday, DeBrabander was reportedly visiting the Yard of Ale bar in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Just after midnight, while DeBrabander was allegedly standing on the balcony at the establishment, he reportedly pulled his penis out and proceeded to urinate over the edge.

Two females were seated just below the balcony, and they were reportedly showered and covered with the stream of what was purported to be DeBrabander’s urine.

As stated in the affidavit, when they peered up to see what was causing them to get wet, the women reported that some of the liquid excrement entered their mouths.

The police were notified about the alleged incident and when they interacted with DeBrabander, they reported that he appeared to have been drinking enough alcohol to render him intoxicated.

When speaking with DeBrabander about the accusations, the report additionally reflects that he “was uncooperative with questioning” when he was asked about what he had allegedly done on the balcony to cause the incident.

DeBrabander, who was listed in the arrest report as hailing from Northville, Michigan was placed under arrest for the allegations.

DeBrabander is facing two counts of misdemeanor battery, and he was booked into the Pinellas County Jail where he was detained until he posted an ordered $1,000 bond.

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