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Naked Man Violated Nude Beach Protocol

A Florida man was busted after visiting a nude beach and reportedly putting himself on display in a lude and unique way in an alleged attempt to try to solicit encounters with women.

St. Lucie County’s Blind Creek Beach is an oceanfront recreation area known for its green turtles and clothing-optional beach. While nudity is allowed, there is still an expectation that visitors will behave with decorum.

Early in the afternoon on March 10, a 60-year-old man stretched out on the sand completely in the nude. According to reports, he put himself on display in a fashion he reportedly believed would attract the opposite sex and score phone numbers. He reportedly adorned his genitals with metal rings and displayed a note inviting people to “investigate gently.”

It was reported that the authorities began receiving calls from others on the beach who saw the man. A deputy on foot patrol was nearby when he learned about the reports. He rushed to the spot the callers gave when providing the location and reported that it was very close to a path frequented by families.

According to the police report, when the deputy reached the man, he was still in the same position. It was noted that the metal rings were attached to a chain, which was attached to a stick in the ground. The alleged note encouraging people to pull the string was on the ground at the base of the stick.

When the deputy talked to the man, he reportedly said it was a bad choice to do what he did. He reportedly added that he was trying to meet women.

The man was arrested and transported to the St. Lucie County Jail where he was booked on suspicion of one misdemeanor count of indecent exposure. A few hours later, he was released from custody on a $500 bond.

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