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NBA’s Glen “Big Baby” Davis Releases Video Disputing Drug Charges

On February 7 at a hotel in Aberdeen, Maryland, Glen “Big Baby” Davis was arrested on drug charges when the acclaimed former NBA player was allegedly found in possession of a large quantity of marijuana.

Early in February ex-basketball player Glen Davis, who previously played for the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers, was the guest at a Hampton Inn during a visit to the area to see his family. On one of the days that Davis was renting the room the owner of the establishment claimed that he detected the odor of cannabis permeating outside of the suite.

The proprietor knocked on the door to investigate the situation and he reported that he was greeted by someone occupying the room yelling expletives, and the door remained unanswered.

After police were notified Davis signed a consent form authorizing them to search his room, and while inside they allegedly found a quarter-pound of marijuana and a briefcase with over $90,000 inside. They also came across a piece of paper with a list of names and dollar amounts which the authorities suspected was a record of drug customers with amounts owed to Davis.

Davis was taken into custody and charged with seven counts of drug possession and distribution. His lawyer has stated that Davis is innocent and that he is looking forward to clearing his name in court.

Davis, who reportedly profited $33 million in his 8 season basketball career and earned a championship ring with the Celtics in 2008, released a video on Instagram depicting himself aboard a private jet next to a money-filled briefcase containing his prized ring. While in the act of eating Popeye’s chicken Davis defended his innocence stating, “Don’t believe all that s— on the internet, I will have my day in court. They’re just mad ’cause a black man got money, man. Just trying to keep a black man down.” While he took the video off of Instagram later on the day he had posted it, it had already circulated Twitter quite a bit and can still be found there.

Davis is scheduled for a court appearance in Bel Air in April.

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