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Neighbors Exposed to OC Man’s Public Masturbation

The people who live in the surrounding area of a man in Riverside County have alleged that their neighbor has a habit of performing sexual acts on himself in full-view of the people living nearby.

46-year-old Clarence Bailey lives in the resort city of La Quinta, California, where nearly 40,000 people call home.

Bailey has allegedly been forming an uncomfortably intimate relationship with his neighbors as of late, and it caused them to reach out to the authorities for assistance in establishing appropriate boundaries with the reportedly brazen man.

At approximately 4:30 pm on Monday, La Quinta Special Enforcement Team deputies from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department received a phone call reporting Bailey for allegedly masturbating while standing in front of his home. The Special Enforcement Team “serve as a complement to the Patrol Division with an emphasis on providing enhanced patrol services to the residents” according to their website.

The Special Enforcement Team was told that the man has touched himself sexually more than once while on display for all to see.

The authorities looked into the claim and purported there was enough probable cause to establish the validity of the report of the man’s public sex shows.

When they arrived at the Coachella Valley man’s residence, Bailey was informed about the assertions against him and he was placed under arrest.

Bailey was booked into the India-located Riverside County Jail, and he is facing a charge for misdemeanor indecent exposure for the allegations. His bail was set at $2,500, and Bailey was released from custody after he paid the ordered amount.

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