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NFL Star Drugs and Rapes 9 Women in Multiple States

NFL network star Darren Sharper has recently pled guilty or no contest to drugging and raping a total of nine women in multiple states reports say.

While working as an analyst for the NFL network Sharper reportedly approached two women at a nightclub in West Hollywood in October 2013. He invited them to a party telling them he had to stop by his hotel room first. While they were inside his hotel room he offered the women drinks. One of the women woke up naked to Sharper, while he was sexually assaulting her. A few weeks later he was at the same nightclub and again, invited two women to a party, telling them he needed to stop by his hotel room.The women apparently lost consciousness sometime after.

For several months Sharper allegedly repeated these tactics across four different states. Over a dozen women eventually came forward, which led to criminal convictions five jurisdictions, including federal court.

This week in a Los Angeles courtroom Sharper received his final sentence for drugging and raping two Los Angeles women. Judge Michael Pastor sentenced him to 20 years in prison. His plea deal with Los Angeles prosecutors requires him to serve fifty percent of his time. Because recent legislation has declared rape of an intoxicated person a non-violent offense, he could be eligible for parole much sooner.

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