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Nightclubbing Mom’s Toddler Found Asleep on Sidewalk 

A mother of three was accused of going to a club and leaving her children at home alone after her toddler was reportedly found outside and asleep on the sidewalk. 

25-year-old Shyla Heidelberg has three young children, and they live in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. 

Last weekend, Heidelberg allegedly left her home and went to a local club, and she reportedly left her children at home by themselves. 

According to reports, around 1:00 am, a security guard that was on duty at Choctaw Village Apartments saw a toddler curled up on the sidewalk. The child was reportedly wrapped in a blanket and asleep when they were found. 

The security guard notified the authorities about the situation, and deputies with the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office went to the address. 

While the authorities were at the scene, they reported that they found Heidelberg’s other two children by themselves in the residence. 

The investigators were still at the apartment when Heidelberg reportedly came home. 

When she talked to them about the situation, Heidelberg allegedly told the police that she left her youngsters alone at the apartment and went to a local nightclub. She reportedly said that she had been gone for approximately 90 minutes. 

Heidelberg was taken into custody. She is facing charges of three counts of child neglect without great bodily harm. Heidelberg was released from jail the following day. 

Since her arrest, Heidelberg released a public statement and said that she is not guilty of the accusations. She said that she has several pieces of evidence, such as more than one witness and Ring doorbell footage, to prove she was not out clubbing on the night of the arrest. 

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