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School Worker Arrested for Stealing Students’ Meds 

An elementary school worker in Georgia has been arrested for allegations of stealing pills from the campus health clinic where the students’ medications are stored.  

33-year-old Shandel Davies is employed at Dewar Elementary School in Valdosta, Georgia. 

Since some of the children that attend the school rely on medications during the school day, the Lowndes County School District has a system in place for safely storing and dispensing the doses. 

The medications are kept at the school health clinic, and the school district uses an electronic health record system. When a child is given a dose, it is digitally recorded. The amount of medication for each child is recorded in the system, and the school officials can use the data for inventory purposes. 

According to reports, it was recently discovered that some of the medication amounts did not align with the amounts listed in the electronic health system records. 

On April 29, the Lowndes County Board of Education notified the authorities to let them know about the situation, and the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office began to investigate with them to try to locate the culprit. 

Using the electronic database, the school board was able to figure out and share with the authorities the amount of medication that was missing. 

Surveillance footage from the school cameras was reviewed, and it was believed that Davies was the person responsible for swiping the meds. 

Davies was placed under arrest on May 2, and she is expected to face charges for six counts of burglary in the second degree and five counts of illegal possession of a schedule II drug. According to the Lowndes County Jail records, at the time of this writing, Davies was still in custody. 

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